Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Sun and earthquakes

If there's one thing that I think is universally over-rated (aside from all the other things) it's sunshine. Yes we need it now and then to get vitamins and feel positive etc etc. But honestly, who can function when it's so hot your fingers are melting into your keyboard and all you can think about is your flatmates ridiculous adult size paddling pool. Which is full of dead and dying bees and other such winged many-legged creatures.
Wellington has not been behaving itself lately! Where has our identity gone? Who are we if we have no wind? Well, we still have earthquakes. Today's one was 4.8 on the Richter scale.
Our office started to wonder if we should hide under desks or make a dash for the ground (5 floors down). On Monday it was only 3.5 but that one lasted for quite a while.
I personally avoid the sun whenever I can. A dose of about a minute is enough to satisfy me. Which is unfortunate as my partner could happily spend all day in the sun. But then, he tans, whereas I go from white to red, and count myself lucky if I catch it in the pink stage. Perhaps I wouldn't be so afraid of the sun if I didn't live under the ozone hole.
Personally I like it when it's misty. It's cooler so it keeps you alive and active, but it's not rain, so you don't smell like a wet dog when you get inside. It's also rather romantic somehow.
Of course, when it gets to winter, and it is colder and wetter, I'll wish for summer again. I think the ideal year would be alternate days of winter and summer so you'd appreciate it all the time.

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