Thursday, 8 March 2007

Free food is the curse of the dieter

If there's one thing that annoys me, it's irregular bloggers. Actually, on the list of things, that one's pretty low, nonetheless, when you have a favourite blogger and they don't post, you feel bereft of something. At this stage, I don't think anyone reads my blog anyway, but I last posted a month ago, so I will try and do better from now on.
While we're on the subject of blogging, I'm just going to mention my favourite blogger. Scott Adams, who writes the Dilbert Blog (and Dilbert, obviously) is great! He's funny and random and intelligent and careless. It's brilliant.
I feel like writing about earthquakes again, even though I did on my last post. We've been having a lot in Wellington lately. I tend to notice them, although sometimes I convince myself it's just the rumble of trucks working on the bypass. Apparently a series of smaller earthquakes is a lead up to the big one, as the plates reshuffle themselves. Yay. Makes me think I should take out insurance. Or a sabbatical and go to Africa. I don't mind the little tremors in the slightest. But the thought of any building I'm in imploding and sinking to the depths of the earth... well, let's just say it doesn't sound like as much fun as fun is.
On other news - I'm trialing a gluten free diet. I'm not doing it for any vain lose weight reason. I'm hoping I will have more energy and less stomachaches. So far it means I can't have Tim Tams, my favourite little Le Snak's, soy sauce, and spaghetti bolognese. I don't eat much bread anyway, so that's no loss. I've realised the most difficult thing to stand in the way of diets is free food. Yesterday it was a workmates birthday, and he shouted us all morning tea. He purchased ridiculously large platters of sausage rolls and vege samosas (they lasted eight of us the whole day) and I was tormented for all of 20 seconds before I dug in. I managed to convince myself that the samosas were authentic and were made using chick pea flour and no wheat starch anywhere. I'm not much keen on sausage rolls but damn the samosas were tasty. Why does free food always taste so much better?

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Karoline the crazy viking said...

Free food tastes so nice because, well, you don't have to pay for it, and also, it's because someone else have made it! But seriously, I think that the free part is the tastiest part... ;)