Monday, 25 June 2007


Wednesday 20 June
By Lucy Wyatt

Isn’t being totally detached from your everyday reality something that appeals to most? Listening to Niko Ne Zna allows for exactly that to happen. It’s easy to forget where you are when you listen to these hypnotic melodies. It’s like being dropped amongst the hot and spicy lands of a country far away - to a place where you can free yourself with these infectious and wild beats that take their influence from the gypsy-soaked Balkan States.

The creative talents that make up Niko Ne Zna are 7 artists who are also members of Zirkus, Ginger Brown, The Black Seeds, The Offbeats and the Porirua Brass Band. Their passionate imaginations and freethinking creativity results in an extravagant party band that unearths the folk treasures of afar. The selection of trumpets, sax, trombone, accordion, tuba, drums and percussion pull together to create an energetic and much appreciated rhythm. Enhancing the freedom within this music, come the laughs, shrieks and general cheers from the band. The audience comes away from a gig feeling thoroughly entertained.

Originally a covers band (comically belting out such tracks as the James Bond theme tune), Niko Ne Zna’s actual tracks are masterfully produced. Often beginning with a methodic build up, then breaking into a joyous ruckus. The folk come jazzy vibe encourages even the shyest dancer to get involved – no doubt with the addition of a cheeky grin. Niko Ne Zna promises a truly inspiring show. Get immersed in the rich history of the other side of the world. Brush away your serious side, lift up your jug of beer and have a proper dance. You can always have a sing-along – If you speak Serbian.

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