Thursday, 14 June 2007

REVIEW: Adi Dick

By Lucy Wyatt

Will the waves of beautiful music ever calm in Wellington. The San Francisco Bathhouse was cooking up a storm with the launch of Adi Dick’s stunning debut album Our Place. Receiving a very snug embrace, the crowd were united in their appreciation. There were plenty of nodding heads of approval with a mellow but uplifting atmosphere, proving that Adi had hit the right note. Breaking away from his more recent position within his 3-piece band Son Of Puha and his truly established status with Fly My Pretties his strong influences of blues, roots and jazz shine brightly through along with his dedication to his beloved guitar.

Our Place grasps a sound so real it’s almost 3 dimensional, creating a warmth and depth that is sure to capture many hearts. This groundbreaking album envelops many different emotions, creating a strong sense of origin and pride. The fusional sound is a melting pot of genres that is so unique to New Zealand’s homegrown music. Adi’s heartfelt lyrics and distinctive voice reaches out and touches you with each song having it’s own fresh identity and energy.

Opening the album with Get Out, the wonderfully familiar track from The Return of Fly My Pretties, Adi sets the vibe nicely. Laidback and honest the tracks continue at a steady pace, perhaps the most down tempo being Drifting. There is a perpetual soulful vibe throughout the album, covering personal memories from his past and current passions, especially in the track Our Place. The influences are many, ranging from his devotion to hip-hop to R&B, producing a sound that has a positive direction. In I Will Not Go the search for who he is, is portrayed clearly, now that he has found his voice and place in the world, both personally and musically.

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