Thursday, 14 June 2007

REVIEW: Ginger Brown

By Lucy Wyatt

Picture a world of 60’s psychedelia fused with dixie, 50’s rock n roll, carnival, layered over with modern rock, this is the enchanting, quirky world of Ginger Brown. Lawrence Taula (organ/vocals) and Joe Dobson (drums), make up the eclectic duo that are Ginger Brown.

Taula and Dobson are onto something new with their compelling, raw style resulting in an eccentric musical experience. Their combined energy is unrelenting. It’s intense. Your auditory senses are repeatedly satisfied as Ginger Brown successfully reaches that ever-elusive dynamic climax. There’s nothing predictable here. The tracks are tight and strong. Each possesses an original identity.

There’s no shortage on talent. Their core vibe is an influence of both experience and risk. They want to do what no one else is doing. The fluid sound of Tuala’s Hammond organ shapes each track. Dobson’s confidence is truly evident on the drums. Together they inject a solid structure to their music.

“This Ship” is a noble track with a catchy tone that disguises a myriad of levels. “Madison Garden” with its vivacious energy is a true crowd pleaser. It’s hard not to dance to this one. Another track that warrants an animated jig is “Kiss Me Goodnight”. This is where Tuala’s voice demonstrates his exceptional range.

The poetic lyrics are often narrative and sometimes cryptic. The speed of the tracks ranges from frantic to a serene calm. There are certainly plenty of surprises. “Boston Dance” is an instrumental delight, demonstrating Ginger Brown’s depth and their fearless talent. Their live shows have left crowds enlightened and thoroughly entertained.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ginger Brown’s unique sound is responsible for their ever-increasing fan base, which like them, will only continue to expertly thrive. Ginger Brown takes me on an intriguing voyage. Each of their tracks is like a new fix released at a medicated rate – they keep you wanting more.

Ginger Brown Wellington Tour Dates.

23.06.07 12am @ The Matterhorn, Wellington

29.06.07 8pm @ Tupelo, Wellington

27.07.07 10pm @ Bodega, Wellington

04.08.07 12am @ The Matterhorn, Wellington

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