Monday, 12 March 2007

IMPORTANT: Apology, disclaimer, comments, etc

Now is the moment I get down on my cyber knees and apologise. Yesterday I posted a review of Miss Conduct at Bodega on Saturday night, and, shame of shame, got the band wrong. The line up was different from what I had heard, so I thought the second band was Miss Conduct, when it was actually Hellserpoppin. Everything I said about Miss Conduct I should have said about Hellserpoppin. How could I get something wrong like the band name? A few factors come into play. As you will see in the review posted below (updated to the correct band) words were inaudible. I don’t recall the introduction, and don’t know how I managed to get the band wrong. I guess I didn’t want to stick around to talk to them which would obviously have clarified the information!

Let me take this opportunity to apologise in advance to all musicians I offend. Some bands are great, some just average and some truly awful. Thankfully, there are few truly awful bands, and most can improve, so even if some jumped up music reviewer like myself says they don’t like it, don’t take it too much to heart. As a musician myself, I understand that some gigs are better than others, it takes years of gigging to achieve consistency.

The reason I’ve set this up as a blog rather than a website or as part of a print publication is for the comments function. If you have an opinion on anything I’ve said, or you were at a certain gig and want to add your bit – please do! It makes for a well rounded review if more than one person gives their opinion.


Justin said...

Congrats darlin! It sometimes takes as strong and moral person to admit when they made a mistake. Also being called out and the need to apologise is good motivation. *hugs* Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Kia Ora

Your blog about the gigs at Bodega last weekend prove one thing, that must like so many art forms is down to the personal choice of the person experiencing it. Hellerspoppin wa a fantastic gig, it actually had an audience and provides people with a great show. They are a great bass heavy rock band, and thats what they are. The comment about the drummer not providing enough variation in his choice of beat was a little unfounded, due to the fact that as their session wore on, so to did the intricacy of the music. However I think you may have missed the point with what Hellerspoppin are trying to achieve, that is that rock music and the people that love it live it. The lead singer drinking and making gestures are all part of the act...heaven forbid we should end up with another rock band who claim to be something they are clearly not. It is okay to say it wasn't for you, but really you should have stayed for the whole gig, otherwise your more of a danger to the live scene than anything else because no live band ever has an amazing full list of songs (although i thought these guys were pretty stauch, and by leaving you may have missed the parts of the gig that the rest of use really enjoyed.

Charlette said...

Hey, thanks for posting. Again, all this is merely my own opinion, so it's great that you are posting yours. It's perhaps not necessary to say things such as "your more of a danger to the live scene than anything else" but that's cool.
I'm glad you enjoyed the gig - everyone's flavour is different, so it's good there's a band out there for everyone.