Sunday, 11 March 2007

REVIEW: The Matt Langley Band

By Charlette Hannah

I have to admit, it's been a while since I've been to Bodega. A friend of mine used to work there, so I could get in for free (don't tell management) which was great, because if the band sucked, I wouldn't mind leaving. Unfortunately, it's often hit and miss with Bodega. I applaud that they give so many up and coming bands a go, but sometimes the bands really should just up and go.
Thankfully, this wasn't a case in point. I was more than happy after watching the Matt Langley band to have paid my $5 to get in. In fact, I wouldn't have felt ripped off paying $10.
I haven't seen Matt play before, as he is from Dunedin and I have spent a total of three days in Dunedin in my whole life, but I was well impressed with my inaugural hearing.
A relaxed and natural performer, Matt looks intimately at home on stage, and his stage presence extends throughout the bar. Unfortunately there wasn't a huge crowd at that stage, but there was obvious enjoyment from those assembled.
Matt's finely crafted songwriting and easy going guitar style is easy to listen to, but by no means boring. He had my attention right from the first song, and held it for the whole performance. A fantastic voice, matched by a fine rhythm section from brother Jake Langley on drums and Scott Mead on bass made it an overall inspiring show, and one that restored my faith in going to see original bands I don't know. You don't know til you go right? Alternative, country, folky rock with a unique flavour is how I'd describe Matt's music. It's pleasant, and interesting, and from what I could distinguish, lyrically good as well as melodically solid.
I've contacted Matt about an interview - so watch this space. Check him out if you get the opportunity!

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