Monday, 26 March 2007

Paul McCartney signs with Starbucks

The almighty Paul McCartney has signed on to Starbucks’ new record label Hear Music and is set to release a new album in the northern hemisphere’s early summer. While I’m excited about the idea of a new Paul McCartney album, I really can’t decide whether or not I like this idea of a coffee company having an ex-Beatle on their new record label, especially as it has such a stupid name. Hear Music. What were they thinking? Obviously not much in their coffee addled brains.

Paul McCartney has been with Capitol Records for 43 years, apart from a short time with Columbia in the early 80’s. Personally I have no loyalty to Capitol, or any record labels – obviously they haven’t had the wisdom to sign ME yet! But you’ve got to wonder about a 43 year loyalty switch.

Capitol have been doing very little to sell and promote Paul McCartney’s albums, and more fool them. Non-coffee merchandise sold in Starbucks is apparently quite popular – I wouldn’t know as I don’t drink coffee. With the decline of CD sales due to online access and pirating, I guess ol’ Paul’s clutching at straws. Or coffee mugs.

If we get another Paul McCartney album, all well and good. It just seems weird to me. Does anyone else think this? Perhaps I’m just not ‘with the times’, where coffee houses release albums. What’s next? McDonalds and art galleries? Oil companies and kindergartens?

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Anonymous said...

Starbucks and Macca? Who cares? It's just another way for him to market himself and sell cds. Musicians at any level should take any opportunity they can to promote their music...Macca or not. If his last cd is any hint of what's to come I'll be buying it whenever I first see it.