Saturday, 26 May 2007

REVIEW: DubDoubt

By Lucy Wyatt

The summer has drawn to a close, but the sun is endlessly shining with the sound of Dubdoubt. The Sunshine and Scenery NZ Tour bought this Brisbane based band to Wellington’s Bar Bodega. Comprising of four Aussies, John Ruggles (guitar), Euan Gray (saxophone and vocals), Mitch Ruggles (bass) and Darren Skaar (trumpet and vocals). Combined with two Kiwis members, Nic Ramsden (drums) and Hayden Andrews (lead vocals, synth and percussion). These lads are a truly funky act. Grooving together since 2001 their music is a fusion of swinging jazz, dub, hip-hop and reggae.

The turn out at Bodega was a bit on the light side, but Dubdoubts’ uplifting energy ensured that their audience got their groove on. Playing alongside New Zealand’s hottest talent in the past at such acclaimed gigs as Soundsplash (Raglan) and Big Day Out (Gold Coast), Dubdoubt are certainly creating waves across the trans-Tasman ocean. These funksters have a lot to offer, pumping out such songs as Lack of Inspiration - so tightly produced it’s a catchy track that contently sticks in your head for days. Again Always Manage To Get High fills you with both warmth and happy dancing feet due to its infectious hip-hop vibe.

Hayden’s mixture of retro coolness, (his wardrobe speaks for itself), sets the tone for these thoroughly laid-back musicians. The 12-8 horns as they refer to themselves (both Darran and Euan are 6ft 4), really pump up the buzz, pulling together this solid, sublime groove. The acid jazz strength in Insect Eyes kicks out a cheeky little number, which was received with a rocking, admiring atmosphere. On tour with yet another fresh talented Kiwi band The Midnights, I would recommend that if you missed this gig and their free set at Te Papa, you need to get in the know and sort your act out as Dubdoubt are pure quality that are not to be missed again.

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