Thursday, 31 May 2007

REVIEW: Strictly138

By Lucy Wyatt

Seriously rockin up the dance floor at Sandwiches, Strictly138 are truly Wellington’s bass weight. After the incredible success of London’s Digital Mystikz on our shores, this crew gave us a taste of the sound that is dubstep. With this moody fusion of dub, breakbeat and 2-step these deep tunes were pumped out by Kaps, P-Vans, Steepa-D, Flex and MC M.Tekka. Imon Star hit the stage with his quality sound, promoting his “afro futuristic roots” band Olmecha Supreme, with his lyrical voice giving us the blast we have missed from his days with Rhombus.

Dubstep takes music to another level, and Strictly138 are definitely the boys to do this. The vibe was one of clear approval and the crowd were a collective of smiles and deep pumping moves with the sound system shaking up the venue. The beats totally mess up your mind, and tracks such as P-Vans’ “Ghost Pennies” haunt your soul with an eerie, intelligent ambience. The bass vibrates through your body, resulting in a full sensory experience. As dance music progresses up another notch, New Zealand is adamant not to be left behind the rest of the world.

Strictly138 offers an unforgettable night with their array of local bass culture. The captivated crowd at Sandwiches were built up to a happy, sweaty finish as this dynamic session wound up. It is true to say that our lips have been well and truly wettened with a taste of the future sound of music that pushes the boundaries of what we knew and loved before. It’s all about variety and with so many wicked roots, dub and indie bands emerging, it’s so refreshing that the dj’s are keeping up with the progression forward, offering a new, and inspiring sound to dance to. Keep a look out for your next dubstep fix, but be warned these boys mean business.

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