Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Wellington Live Music takes on news

I know you all like visiting Wellington Live Music for reviews and interviews with your favourite local bands. I also know it's not quite enough to hold your attention all the time...

I love the internet. I can't see your names, but I know what city you visit from, and when. It's awesome. I can count how many people visit each day, and how many pages you look at.

So I get worried when less people visit on a certain day, and I know WHY you don't. Because sometimes I am a nanna and don't go and watch bands and review them when I should. Especially when it's raining. Or interview them. Interviewing is so much fun. Transcribing the interview is not.

So I have decided it is time for Wellington Live Music to expand. Ta da!

Now, you will be able to find news about local and national bands like who's forming, joining, taking a sabbatical, touring, writing, making babies (actually, scrap that one), releasing EP's, etc. We'll also extract music related news from sources all over the world.

Also, if you are an aspiring writer, or just have an opinion or discover something, feel free to send it in. Both my email and Hans' emails are on the main page, so we're easy to contact. Even when I'm not a nanna and do go out, there are more bands than I could see in a night, so it would be great to have another reviewer on the job.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about the need for earlier starts. Blink who organised the Low Hum tours was talking about needing a revolution to improve this so it looks like maybe there's a groundswell of opinion on that one. Whether you want to go see bands or whether you play in one (or both in my case) starting (and finishing) that late really, really sucks. Then again maybe I'm just geriatric, I don't know. Others thoughts?

Charlette said...

If the new definition of geriatric is not wanting gigs to start so late, then I think we're all going to need walking sticks, mashed potatoes, hair pieces and arthritis cream in our twenties. Oh dear.
I really think bands would get more people going to their shows if they started earlier. For the obvious reason, and also because if a band did start later as well, you could go to different venues in one night...(unless you really were geriatric).
Who's in for the revolution?

Shane O'Connor said...

I totally agree! I've stopped going to gigs alot, not because they are late as such (if I knew a band wasn't starting till 11:30pm that's cool, I would just go do something else beforehand) but what I HATE is being led to believe they will start at 9:30, then have to wait around 2 hours with for no obvious reason!

The worst is when I'm trying to get people to a gig I'm playing, I find myself saying the time is "from 8:30pm" for example, just 'cause I don't actually know!

I played a gig once where my mate's band was playing too, he was playing 3 bands after mine and was told they'd be taking stage about midnight. However MY band didn't get on till midnight, so you can imagine how late is was by the time his band started!

Honestly, how hard is it to start a gig on time man! Apparently very!