Saturday, 26 May 2007

REVIEW: Rhombus

By Lucy Wyatt

Launching their Onwards tour, Rhombus’ first landing was Wellington’s Sandwiches to introduce their new crew. Plugging last year’s much needed international release of Onwards: Remixes and Archives, the culturally diverse crowd were eager to hear where Rhombus were at. With the band’s dynamic, (some would say crucial) front man, Imon Star’s departure last year, now directing his energy on his new group Olmecha Supreme, Rhombus have felt their vocalists’ loss. Formed in 2001, this tour is a symbol of change and a new structure looking ahead. Now spreading their voice and the spirit of their past successful albums Bass Player and Future Reference, throughout New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

The remix of Swans gracefully glides through the air, with Lisa Tomlin’s deeply soulful brilliance soaring high. Again with DJ Fitchie and Tony Chang’s funky mix up of Mile High, Lisa’s voice is a strength that adds to Rhombus’ depth, ensuring the crowd were all positive smiles and dancing feet. Sticking with the ladies here, Raashi Malik’s voice enlightens the band with her Indian roots. Her voice encapsulates her Eastern culture and again Raashi’s glowing input was widely respected and embraced by the expressive and contented crowd.

MC Antsman and Lisa Tomlin together had it going on with Future Reference, proving to be a favorite on the dance floor. Spaceman was part of their second encore allowing a nostalgic grin and MC Mana’s lyrical blast in Onward also kicked things up nicely with a heartfelt dub vibe. It is true to say the energy isn’t the same with the lack of Imon and Aaron, but the remixes are tight and their travels ahead could add another level to this band’s lifespan. As long as they keep producing the quality sounds of the old Rhombus, their original and future fans shall not be disappointed.

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