Friday, 31 August 2007

REVIEW: Johnny Corker

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah

It was a real family affair at Happy on Thursday, with Tim Beals and his sister Holly, and then Johnny Corker performing with his partner Julie Thompson. It’s always interesting to see the way solo or duo acts create dynamics, and Johnny and Julie did it in an unusual way, with Julie playing a cello as the second instrument.

Sometimes plucking the strings as a bass line, and sometimes playing it with a bow, creating a melancholic monotone, Julie complemented Johnny’s confident and smooth folky voice and guitar playing. Johnny used his new tremolo pedal often and to good effect.

Julie’s voice probably wouldn’t be strong enough to lead, although she could have been holding back, but it was lovely for backing vocals. The music was almost too soft and sweet at times, but so charming and easy to listen to.

They moved on to some more upbeat songs later in the set, and Johnny’s gentle humour pervaded the whole performance. They were down from Auckland for the Wellington release of Johnny Corker's self titled album.

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