Friday, 24 August 2007

REVIEW: Pitch Black



Words and Photo by Lucy Wyatt

Have you ever-experienced music that makes you feel dirty, moody and horny all at the same time? Pitch Black had the San Francisco Bathhouse rocking on Friday night with a sound resonate of the audiences prurient feelings. From the very first track off their new album, Rude Mechanicals, the crowd were totally tuned in. Paddy Free’s crazy, almost Johnny Rotten look, complete with an intense shock of red hair, bounced his groove amongst the electronic equipment. Michael Hodgson’s less frantic presence created something of an on-stage juxtaposition - a difference that is arguably a necessary part of this eclectic electronic-dub co-habitation.

Tracks like Rude Mechanicals were perfect dance floor raisers, the catchy vocals hitting the right note. 1000 Mile Drift’s eerie, warped beats and haunting vocals changed the audiences pace a little. It’s like knowing what you’re going to get but loving it more than you could have imagined when you get it. Older tracks from Electric Earth were met with familiar appreciation. Many a smiling face told it so. The evening’s concoction of dirty riffs, smooth electric grooves and mesmerising vocals seemed to reach out and draw you deep inside the music.

The lighting - the vibrant colours, the backdrop of illuminated pipes was a pre-cursor to the fluid motion of the wired, electro musical waves fused with a pumping dub heart. The diverse mixture of people forgot their differences and united their common appreciation. When the last track finished the hunger could almost be interpreted as insatiable. Pitch Black, yet again, produced a fat, atmospheric dance floor blast. A truly wicked show.

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