Saturday, 18 August 2007

REVIEW: Richard Leschen

Words and Photo by Bill in NZ

Friday the 17th, the third Friday in the month, the time for the Wellington Bluegrass Society's regular "Society" night. As usual, there were a number of floor spots before the featured performer - Richard Leschen on this occasion, in the Wellington area recording his second CD at the Braeburn Recording Studios.

Richard is a singer/songwriter with guitar - originally from the heartland of the USA, but now a Kiwi living in the Auckland area. A mixture of descriptions of style - folk, a slight touch of outlaw country, Americana, roots, a bit of bluegrass - but always real music, with intelligent and well crafted lyrics.

He also performs with others - in other styles, world music (Hindi, Hindustani fusion, Turkish) , Tex-Mex, folk-rock and jazz - but this Friday night it was Richard on his own, with guitar performing grass roots music at its best.

Superb guitar playing all evening. To quote from his first album description, Richard has
"a unique style of guitar-picking that involves syncopated rhythms supported by bass and melody lines, harkening to his bluegrass and country folk roots ... His voice is unrefined, raw and expressive, a perfect mouthpiece for his folk-based compositions. The poetical-lyrical content is combined with improvisation ...."

That just about says it all about Friday's performance. Well worth finding him on one of his few live performances in the Wellington area.

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