Wednesday, 15 August 2007

REVIEW: Peneloping

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah



At the start of Peneloping's set I was pretty unimpressed. It sounded loose and unrehearsed and there were a few 'what's going on?' moments. As the set went on I was more won round, however in all honesty I wasn't particularly inspired.

Both Kirsten and Christopher have lovely voices, although some of the harmonies were a little shaky. The second song was a vast improvement on the first, and it did get better as they continued. I found the overall tone pleasant, and there were a lot of melodic changes, which is always nice, but not many dynamics.

The music is cutesy and charming, catchy quirky pop tunes. It sounded unpolished to me, but there is definitely potential. It's good to hear male and female vocals together.

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Peneloping said...

it's okay now though, we've ironed out these problemettes and we are now, in sum, fully inspirational with impressive dynamics to boot. too many? perhaps.

check out our new demo on