Friday, 31 August 2007

REVIEW: Tim Beals

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah

Tim Beals and his younger sister Holly kicked off the evening at the Johnny Corker album release at Happy on Thursday. Tim’s sweet and whimsical guitar was lovely, and the songs were instantly accessible.

I thought he sounded a lot like Iron and Wine, and then they did a cover of one of my favourite Iron and Wine songs - Naked As We Come, and did it justice too. They also did a Nick Drake cover, From The Morning, very well.

I know this may sound strange, but Tim and Holly’s vocals melded together so well that it was almost hard to tell the difference, even though it was male and female voices, obviously. The harmonies were close and well done.

Tim’s song Far From Home was bluesy and catchy, and one of my favourites of the evening. He managed to get one of the best tones out of an acoustic guitar I’ve heard for a while.

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