Thursday, 13 September 2007

EP REVIEW: Barefoot In The Sand

Words by Charlette Hannah

Inside This Room begins the self titled EP from Barefoot In The Sand. Starting with a funky drum beat, this upbeat and catchy song is a good introduction to the Barefoot sound. From the rich deep vocals of lead singer Jenn Shelton to the creative yet unobtrusive guitar of Blair Pedersen, these guys have a tight sound which retains a live feeling on this recording.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in twelve hours at Wellington MusicWorks, this EP is full of harmonies and every song has it's own solid groove. Eye On The Lead, the second song, was stuck in my head for hours. With upbeat reggae and funk flavours, this is the ideal sort of music to stick on your car stereo on the way to the beach.

The songs are allowed to breathe, with spacious production, and each part is crystal clear. Track five, With You, is a more mellow, thoughtful song, and continues to showcase Jenn Shelton's amazing voice. Selfish, track three, demonstrates Hamish Maude's soulful and funky bass playing, while drummer Jeremy Hantler remains solid all the way through, although my favourite drum part has to be the first song. I'm a sucker for those toms.

With six tracks altogether, the Barefoot In The Sand EP is a catchy, accessible and smooth listen.

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