Thursday, 27 September 2007


Words by Lucy Wyatt

Sensational, captivating and hugely entertaining were amongst the words that sprung to mind as OdESSA left the stage at The San Francisco Bathouse last Friday night. Promoting their second album, The Prize, this band really knows how to put on a bloody good show. Pender is a star, totally at home on the stage. A talent that it can be argued, you are only born with. He’s definitely up there with the best of them, and with a sound that both elates and physically moves you; it looks like OdESSA’s prize is a winner. The crowd were certainly hungry to hear their fresh sound.

The tracks from the new album were welcomed enthusiastically, matching the crowds dancing. It was busy, but not too busy to prevent you from expressing your desire to dance to such new delights as Bleeder, an obvious future anthem. Vastly fused music, hitting on such diversity as the blues, rock and funky-pop, it’s extremely inspiring to hear and watch. Expressing their personalities; two donning suits, one in a T and one in a shirt, their infectious energy bursts off the stage onto the dance floor. The glitter balls should have been spinning as the crowd got deeply immersed in the groove.

Pulling the old and faithful out of the bag, Promises Promises, proved that Ryland, the latest member, has totally found his feet within the band, his guitar work smooth and confident. Is That You Calling, heard the drumbeat revving up the pace, getting the crowd jumping around. The lyrics always unveil a depth within the band’s heart. The formula is positively sealed; take a charismatic, animated front man, add 3 fellow talented musicians and finish off with beautifully written and produced tracks. As Pender says, they are a “classic band” and for sure this was a classically, dazzling performance.

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