Tuesday, 25 September 2007

REVIEW: Changeling

Words by Charlette Hannah
Photo's by Matt Walsh

Not many bands these days seem to have the guts to begin a set with a blistering guitar solo before moving into a song. However, newcomers Changeling did just that, bringing to mind great instrumental bands such as Led Zeppelin. For a debut gig, this three-piece had a helluva stage presence, and quite a unique sound in these times dominated by indie pop/rock. Not to say I don't like indie pop/rock, because I do, but it's nice to have a change. I kind of think they would fit in well with those late 70's bands - Led Zeppelin, Cream and the like.

With Julian van der Krogt's blues/rock riffs, solid and interesting bass from Jamie Hughes, and hard hitting drums from Hans Weston, Changeling are a forceful live act. Julian was singing live on stage for the first time - there were a few shaky notes, but overall I was more than impressed with his rich deep voice.

Like any new act, they do need a bit of polishing and tightening up, the sound was slightly messy, but they have the raw energy and quality of songs that make a great live band. They were well received by the crowd with whoops from the audience, and a patron even singing a riff after they finished playing. I think we can expect a lot more to come from these guys.



Anonymous said...

What about the dahmer trio? What did you think of them Hannah.

Charlette said...

Hi Anon
I have to admit, I'm fascinated why people like to call me Hannah. Don't they notice the Charlette?
Anyhoo. I wasn't personally too impressed with The Dahmer Trio. Sorry if you're a member or a fan.

Anonymous said...

member actually. Tim. sorry. Just found the review from white night site and wondered why we, nine signals and cop car who also played on the night werent mentioned. Were pretty new too and any feedback is cool. But hey come to our next gig. well let you know

Charlette said...

Hey Tim
Sorry - I actually arrived only halfway through your set or so, and try to avoid reviews when I haven't seen a whole set... also, it's hard to review six bands in one night! Nine Signals have already been on the site before. I did get some photo's though if you'd like them...
Yes, let me know when you're playing again. If you know someone who'd like to write a review of you, they're totally welcome to send it through.

Anonymous said...

sweet as. no worries about the photos. my girlfriend took some choice ones.

Charlette said...

Good stuff

Anonymous said...

not a bad review, but then you wouldnt expect a bad one from the drummers girlfriend

Tim said...

charlotte seems to be very honest in most of her reviews. I saw them play Bodega and thought they were pretty damn great actually.