Saturday, 15 September 2007

REVIEW: Timothy Blackman

Words and Photo by Charlette Hannah

Arriving from Auckland just in time for his gig with Matthew Holleman, ex-Wellingtonian Timothy Blackman strode up on stage with his strapping frame and small guitar, and proceeded to tune with a pitch pipe. I decided I liked him. Sometimes people get so bogged down with fancy equipment and the professional image that it takes someone like Tim to come along and remind us what it's about. Which is music of course. But it's also about having fun and connecting with people, and this is something Tim does pretty darn well.

It wasn't a case of non-stop banter, but I still got an impression of strong humour, and someone who was there to have fun rather than sell CD's. Some of the guitaring was pretty simple, but it was more than made up for by his powerful voice. Vocal delivery was interesting; after one unusual song he admitted "got a bit silly there". Tim is certainly not your standard singer/songwriter.

All in all, it was tuneful and interesting, and a pleasure to watch.


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