Saturday, 15 September 2007

REVIEW: Tim Beveridge

Words by Charlette Hannah

It was an unusual music experience for me this Saturday. My neighbour popped over at four in the afternoon with some tickets for Tim Beveridge, saying she'd had one beer too many, and didn't quite feel up to it. So they were mine. For someone who is used to standing up, loud talking, sometimes dodgy sound systems, and a wide range of professionalism, it was actually rather nice to dress up a little and join the baby boomers for a seated, orchestrated concert.

Tim Beveridge is a pretty average looking guy, but wow can he sing. It's no wonder the legendary Russ Garcia came out of semi-retirement to work with him. Russ credited 'my music, and beautiful young Italian wife' for still being on stage at the age of 91. Ninety-one! It was cool to be part of the audience for a man who has worked with artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

The instrumentation and singing was, of course, flawless. Tim seemed a little wooden in the first half, but relaxed and improved dramatically in the second half. His humourous side came out when performing a Tom Lehrer song 'When You Are Old and Grey', as well as a satire of the Catholic Church. As well as performing many great classics, such as New York, New York, The Lady Is A Tramp and Bad Leroy Brown, he quite amusingly did the Loveboat theme.

Guest singer Sarah Bradley from Good Morning was slightly less impressive vocally, although she does have a lovely voice. But she has one helluva sassy attitude and is a great performer. The duets of Summertime and When I Fall In Love were a high point of the show.

The backing Neophonic Orchestra were superb, both as a whole, and as individual soloists.

It was a lovely evening, although I did find myself longing for rock in a bar by the end!

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