Monday, 24 September 2007

REVIEW: Infrared

Words by Jim Kyak Jr
Photos by Hans Weston

If you could make it through the doors of the Adelaide last Friday night and bare the intense fire of noise created by Infrared, then you might have noticed this was their EP release, and they weren’t going let you get out of the joint without knowing about it.

Steve Davey (vocals & bass), Carl Green (guitar), and Ben Payne (drums) unleashed a 100% proof concoction of visceral high energy rock/punk. Steve has some strong pipes inside him and is matched well by Carl’s creative wall of sound guitar playing and Ben’s tight and energetic drumming.

Only slight quibble is that the sound level could have come down a notch so that I didn’t get waxy fingers, but that said, music like this is meant to be loud. Infrared aren’t background music. This was a tight and energetic set by the Wellington three-some and I strongly recommend you catch them around town on one of their many local EP tour dates.

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