Friday, 28 September 2007

REVIEW: Pisces

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah

Guitarist/singer Martin started the show with his back to the audience - a brave move. Picking the guitar strings, he then launched into a rich and interesting full band song. With Martin providing ample guitar instrumentation, and backing from a varied and competent rhythm section, Pisces were a great listen right from the start.

I have to admit that I couldn't find anything on the web about the band, so I don't know their full names, or the spellings of them. If anyone would like to help out with that information, it'd be much appreciated!

Backing singer Carly had a beautiful soulful voice, with a lovely trill and easy feeling to it. The tambourine got a little boring, but it did add another dimension to the percussion. She took the lead on a fantastic acoustic rock 'n roll number - Jimmy Jones I think it was called. It was great to hear the harmonies between her and Martin. She smiled the whole way through, nice to see someone really enjoying being on stage.

The upbeat pop/rock had slight country tones, and the performance was dynamic. The songs were instantly catchy, and with the laid back drumming, powerful guitar and great bass tones, Pisces were an entertaining and pleasant listen for a Wednesday evening.

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