Tuesday, 3 July 2007

REVIEW: Achilles Botes and Shaun K Anderson

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah


First up on Saturday night was Achilles Botes, accompanied by an impressive array of pedals, and even a tambourine which he tapped with his foot.

Achilles is one of those rare solo artists who actually manages to hold my attention for longer than two songs, which I'm always grateful for. There are so many solo artists around, and many of them are very good, but sadly (for I am even one of them) not all can really capture an audience and hold the stage with just themselves.

Achilles reminded me of The Eels, with a bit of Iron and Wine thrown in. But a little more sophisticated. He started off quite acoustic, and got rockier after a couple of songs, bringing in the loop pedal and other effects. He even sang in Greek! I'll definitely be on the look out to see Achilles play again.


In all honesty, though I find it hard to say anything less than lovely about a singer/songwriter, I was a little underwhelmed with Shaun's set at Happy on Saturday. I'm wondering if perhaps Shaun is more of a recording artist. His quiet laid back songs also called to mind Iron and Wine, his guitar style is lovely, and his gentle, breathy voice is easy to listen to. However I did find myself getting a little bored, as it was quiet and there weren't a lot of dynamics.

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