Thursday, 19 July 2007

REVIEW: Jonathan Crayford Trio

Words and Photo's by Bill in NZ

The Jonathan Crayford Trio

I don't know enough about jazz to comment intelligently on jazz genres, but do know enough about music talent to say that if you haven't yet heard the Jonathan Crayford Trio live then you have missed a musical treasure on the Wellington scene.

Last night we went to the regular jazz night (Wednesday) at the Havana Bar on Wigan Street- a fantastic way to spend a wintery evening. You could have gone to New York City and found warmer weather at the moment, but you wouldn't have found better jazz. It is that good.

Provocative rhythms and Latin flavoured jazz at their best. Apologies if I get wrong but I believe the drummer is Miguel Fuentes from Puerto Rico & New York. Absolutely in tune with Crayford - as was the bass guitar player last night.

Havana is an interesting place to visit in itself - you could imagine yourself in a New York jazz venue - maybe in the early Seventies - atmospheric setting for the great music - friendly service and fun crowd. Food is provided by 'runner service' from the nearby Fidel's - a good start if you get there early enough.

But the highlight is the music in the front room - plenty of other places in the back rooms for conversations, but the front room is decidedly for the music - world class jazz - and not to be missed.

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