Saturday, 28 July 2007

REVIEW: Anika Moa

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah

Anika Moa

Dressed in a plain dress, barefoot and much shorter than I realised, Anika Moa's image doesn't necessarily portray her incredible stage persona. It's the first time I've seen Anika live, and she made sure to let us know that she hasn't done a gig in six months, as she's been recording her third album, In Swings The Tide. It wasn't obvious, as Anika is professional, and her natural charm and talent shine through every second she's on the stage.

It was almost like a mix of a comedy show and a music gig. The woman is extremely funny. The audience was in hoots, and her down to earth, kiwi girl, crude humour was well appreciated. She kicked off the set with an unnamed song, working title 'I Miss You Heaps' and invited title suggestions from the audience after the song. These turned out to be 'I miss you', an intelligent interpretation of the song. Following with a song off the new album, Miss Universe, she then sang Good In My Head, the popular single from her first album Thinking Room.

Anika telling one of many jokes

She then asked us what we though of her new haircut, describing how it came about. 'My hair was down to my bum bum and we were doing the album cover and I thought I'd cut it. All my friends said don't cut it 'cause you'll look like a lesbian'. Her jokes in general did tend to be on the dirty side, and it was always difficult to tell if she meant it or not! She brought out an omnichord and played Blue Bayou, sometimes breaking out in giggles herself.

Anika playing an omnichord

She opened the stage up to requests, and grudgingly, it seemed, played Falling In Love Again, another single from Thinking Room. She told us about her new album, coming out in September, and some shows she's playing soon in Australia. 'I'm going over to do shows in Australia, and I'm going to woo them and become famous pretty much. Just so I can meet Silverchair.' Support act Tim Guy joined her on guitar and vocals for a couple of songs, and it took me a moment to notice they are both left handed guitarists, as it looks normal when both are.

Anika Moa and Tim Guy

Her song In The Morning, off her latest album, Stolen Hill, was greeted with loud cheers, and a few audience members quietly joining in. She covered The Mint Chicks' Crazy Yes, Dumb No, which in my opinion, was actually nicer than the original! It goes without saying that Anika has a beautiful voice, confident guitar style and casual stage manner.Anika Moa and Age Pryor

Ending on her hit single, Youthful, she announced she would be doing an encore, so everyone should pretend to clap a lot. Halfway through Youthful, she said 'nice harmonies babe' to an audience member, who then got up on stage and proceeded to sing with Anika, harmonies and all! She took it all in her stride, and obviously got a kick out of out.

Anika Moa and Age Pryor

Returning for her encore, she asked Age Pryor up to the stage to do one of his songs, her 'favourite song', before finally ending on another of her new ones. The whole gig was thoroughly enjoyable, funny, beautiful, and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Which Age Pryor song did they do?

Charlette said...

I'm sorry to say I wasn't familiar with it and it wasn't announced... it had a lot of pleases in it!

Anonymous said...

It was Age's song "Best for You" from his City Chorus album. A great album and the two of them sounded lovely together.

Anonymous said...

it was 'the best for you', it's on his album 'city chorus'. very cool song and their version of it was amazing.

theres a clip of it live from the gig on youtube even:

Charlette said...

Thanks guys :~) Good to know. They did indeed sound lovely together.