Wednesday, 18 July 2007

REVIEW: The Black Seeds

Words and Photo's by Lucy Wyatt

With a European tour just days away The Black Seeds, promoting their new album Into The Dojo, graciously afforded us one last gig before their departure overseas. The Victoria University crowd were well fired up thanks to the dub collective that are the mighty Pacific Bass Culture and by the time The Black Seeds hit the stage people were ready for some deep grooving. Barnaby Weir greeted the students like an old friend with his down-to-earth personality. From the very start the atmosphere was one of dedication and pure respect.

Pumping out the old favourites, Turn It Around, Let’s Get Down and So True, to name a few, revived memories of how they conquered their homeland and the crowd nodded and skanked away with true admiration. The new tracks got a positively elated reaction thus proving that this band is definitely improving with age. The Answer has a mellow depth and in contrast Sometimes Enough shows something of a funkier side to the band. The Prince, with it’s instrumental jamming is a truly danceable number – a winning track.

The appreciative student crowd, crammed together on the sweaty dance floor, enticed the band back on stage and the dance floor was once again ripped up with a seriously demanded encore. The atmosphere was indicative of a bright future ahead for a very popular band. With European record deals, and an irresistible new album The Black Seeds appear to be on the right track. Maybe the illuminated star-covered stage’s backdrop held some hint of their future – all twinkling and shining and there for the pleasures of international stardom.

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