Monday, 16 July 2007

REVIEW: Mojo Mama

MOJO MAMA (and the Hired Guns)
Words and Photo's By Bill in NZ

Wellington is blessed with so much quality music in many genres - and many venues of varying quality. It's hard to keep track of the times and places for good listening.
Another option recently available are music nights at Eva Dixon's. Last Thursday we went to the Miramar restaurant to escape the cold and wet weather - and to have someone do the cooking and dishwashing, and to meet with a few friends. We had a very enoyable evening, including several hours of relaxed, soulful and well delivered music.

Mojo Mama - are a piano based boogie and blues band - a trio - with Cindy Muggeridge on piano and Laura Collins on vocals as the mainstays, with hired guns making up the trio. The hired gun the past Thursday was Neil Billington on blues harp (harmonica).
Boogie and Blues is just short hand for classic blues and laid back soul singing and accompaniment - with influences from many singers - from Bessie Smith to Bonnie Raitt and a few dozen in-between. The trio perfomed as befitting a dinner performance - outstanding in delivery, working well with each other, not interfering with conversation, but every song a pleasure to experience. The two hours of music must have been closer to three in the end - well worth the evening out.

The three musicians complemented each other in all ways - outstanding vocals, piano and harp. Laura has been best known recently for her alt-country and country-blues performances but this night there was classic blues singing at its best.

Best to check of course, for a special occasion to see if music is on the menu, but take my recommendation - the blues as background to the food is like fine wine - can't be beat if done properly, and it was with Mojo Mama.

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