Tuesday, 3 July 2007

REVIEW: Lauren Thomson

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah

Lauren Thomson

Lauren with her husband Ben

For me, the stand out performer of the week was Lauren Thomson, down to visit us from Auckland. From the moment she first started singing, she had the audience captivated, and each of her songs are gems.

Starting off with a haunting melody and subtle guitar playing, she moved to a more upbeat country song, and at one point even threw in a cover of Landslide. However I think her originals were just as good if not better than the legendary Stevie Nicks.

Lauren's voice is beautiful and engaging, and full of dynamics. It was very sweet when she asked her husband Ben up on stage to sing harmonies with her, and explained that the song, Our Love Is Due, was written about him just before they got together. Lauren has a glow about her, which is refreshing to see in a city where you come across so many world weary faces.

In all honesty, I didn't want to move for even a moment to take photo's. Lauren really did cast a spell over the place, and it was the highlight of a very busy musical week for me. She's definitely one to keep an eye open for, and I believe her EP, Our Love Is Due, is coming out soon.


Anonymous said...

Yep, she pitches well and has potential in spades but she needs to loose the Jewel soundalike thing and that fake American accent is just plain awful. Also to me she sounded a bit too 'nice' - not enough edge. Maybe she could find a deeper, slightly darker muse somewhere?

Charlette said...

Hmmm, interesting... I didn't really notice the accent I have to admit. Maybe she hangs around with a lot of Americans? I know I personally pick up on the accent of everyone I talk to, it's trouble when I'm in a room with someone from Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Asia... etc.