Tuesday, 24 July 2007

REVIEW: Ginger Brown

Words and Photo's by Charlette Hannah

Ginger Brown

Joe Dobson

Lawrence Taula

After seeing Ginger Brown at Sandwiches on Friday, I started to kick myself for not having made the effort to see them play before. From the very first note, you can tell this is expertly crafted music, which is truly unique in this world of music where everyone likes to think they are doing something different. Not that they don't have obvious and strong influences, from 50's rock 'n roll, French inspired carnivalesque, 70's psychedelia, to today's rock. Somehow they manage to pull it all together and create something quite wonderful.

Sandwiches as a live band venue is a little odd - the stage seems quite small, and it is hard to see the performers unless you're right at the front. However in the case of Ginger Brown, it didn't matter too much, as they filled up the venue with their curious music.

Don't get the wrong idea. The 'curious' element to the music is an additional bonus to the pure listenability of the band. It's not an inaccessible musical ego trip. The songs are catchy, driven, melodic and dynamic.

Joe Dobson is a very interesting and creative drummer, and pounds the drums with force as well as pulling back and playing clever beats. His playing perfectly compliments Lawrence Taula's Hammond organ playing and fantastic vocals. Guest guitarist Matthew Armitage filled out the sound and line up.

I would highly recommend a visit to a Ginger Brown gig, it's well worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you have been missing out. For those who have also neglected to see this wonderful act, let me point out that they also add various brass to the mix from time to time. Trombone, sax and whatnot - and it works really well. Great band.